REMI.C.T Studio was founded in January 2017 in London’s East-End, led by award-winning, Columbia alumni and ex Fosters & Partners, Remi Connolly-Taylor. The ambition of the studio is to challenge the parameters of London’s housing, work, retail, and public spaces and extend their potential by creating a design-led environment, in the demanding and dynamic circumstances of our vibrant and busy city.

The studio plays the role of designer and developer and strives for informed involvement of each stage of a scheme.  With each of our projects allowing us to explore the unique potential of every brief and location, to find the best-suited solution for each respective project. One that endures valuing the community, inhabitants and the future on all of our local, global and European projects.

Through innovation, our open-minded approach to ‘the new’, our understanding of lifestyle and our experience in development, we advocate a design approach which values the art of collaboration and conversation.

“Our mission is to provide design and curate lifestyles that reflect the diversity of our urban fabric, tackled through the fusion of design and development. We find potential and solutions within our environment.” – REMI.C.T Studio