This is a full-time role.

If interested please forward us your CV and Cover Letter and Portfolio.

Portfolio of works can include (social media references, creative writing, Illustrations, Presentation pitches, usage of Adobe Suite or any further creative media you believe necessary.)

Studio Setting

REMI.C.T is a start-up studio in Hackney Wick, London UK. The studio is a fusion of design, architecture and development.  We are looking for a creative, talented, innovative, enthusiastic candidate.  Please, could you only apply if you have easy access to Stratford, London.  The applicant should be keen to start their career, in marketing and PR, with a sharp eye for detail, a willingness to get stuck-in and have initiative.  They need a strong passion for and appreciation of design and architecture.

Responsibilities will include:

+ Work closely with the director making sure scheduling and emailing is dealt with efficiently.

+ Creative writing, graphics and presentation

+ Coordination & Planning

+ Coordinating digital and promotional campaigns in line with the marketing calendar

+ Coordinating weekly tasks to ensure timelines are met

+ Nurture relationships with affiliates to maximise commercial and brand opportunities (bloggers and other third parties)

+ Organise meetings, both on and offsite

+ Aid with organising events, both on and offsite

+ Handle planning and coordination of group or team meetings

+ Generally pitch-in and help out wherever there is need.

+ Perform general office administration tasks to meet the needs of the department and special projects, as assigned.

+ Operating social media

Desired Skills & Experience:

+ Excellent grammar, formatting and writing experience.

+ High levels of organisation.

+ Digital marketing experience, a clear understanding of social media (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter).

+ Have experience in Word and Excel

+ Have experience using the Adobe Package (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator)

+ Self-disciplined and have good time management skills with the ability to manage a number of priorities.

+ Building relationships is second nature and you aren’t phased at communicating with all levels of the business.

+ You can flourish in a busy, evolving environment and relish being part of a positive, driven and supportive team. Have an appreciation of the culture of a start-up.



Job Description

Remi.C.T Studio is currently seeking a driven and motivated Part One or Part Two Architectural Assistant to join the team. They will work in a vibrant studio environment and be line managed by the director.  They will have responsibility for assisting in the design and aspects of delivery of the Studio’s projects, working across various sectors including residential, commercial, cultural and mixed use.  Please, could you only apply if you can be based in and around London and have easy access to Stratford London.

Who we are:

The Studio plays the role of designer and developer and strives for informed involvement of each stage of a scheme. Each of our projects allowing us to explore the unique potential of every brief and location, to find the best-suited solution for all respective projects. One that endures valuing the community, inhabitants and the future on local, global and European projects. During the development of our projects, we are in very close contact with our clients and the future users of our buildings. Within this intense process, it is our goal to create schemes that are sustainable both technically and socially. We make sure that we are sharp and open-minded and we work in a progressive and efficient way.

Through innovation, our observant approach to ‘the new’, our understanding of lifestyle and our experience in development, we advocate a design approach which values the art of collaboration and conversation.

“Our mission is to provide design and curate lifestyles that reflect the diversity of our urban fabric, tackled through the fusion of design and development. We find potential and solutions within our environment.” – REMI.C.T Studio



P.S We love breakfast. 

Please provide a cover letter, CV and a portfolio of work to