REMI·C·T Studio provides a scope of services, from developing the brief, research reports, concept and development design, planning and design construction tenders. To get your proposal delivered to completion while collaboration along the journey.

“We are here to hear and understand your proposal’s vision and potential.”- REMI·C·T STUDIO

The Outline of the stages below will be applied to :

Masterplanning & Placemaking


Architectural Structures & Developments

Interior Design & Refurbishments

Product Design


00.1_Receive the Client’s instructions.

00.2_Identify Client’s Business Case/Strategic Design Brief and other core project requirements.

00.3_Where applicable, inform the Client of his duties under the CDM Regulations.

00.4_Comply with the CDM Regulations and, where applicable, cooperate with the Planning Supervisor.

00.5_Obtain information about the Site from the Client.

00.6_Visit the Site and carry out an initial appraisal where necessary.

00.7_Advise the Client on the need to obtain statutory approvals.

00.8_Advise on the need for and consultants, specialists and suppliers.

00.9_ Establish Scheme Programme


1.1 Develop project objectives, including quality design objectives and Project Outcome, Sustainability Aspirations, Understand Outline Project Budget and develop Initial Project Brief.

1.2. Assist the Client in preparing the Client’s Requirements (including drafting potential consultation team.)

1.3. Carry out studies necessary to determine the feasibility of the Client’s Requirements: if instructed by the client.

1.4. Review & Outline – Project Design Programme


2.1 Prepare Concept Design, available to be reviewed for outline proposal for sustainable structural design, building services systems and outline specifications.

2.2 Prepare an approximation of construction cost if instructed, or Provide information to others for cost planning.

2.3 Develop Health and Safety strategy & agree route to Building Regulations compliance.

2.4 Review Project Design Programme and alterations to Client’s Requirements.

2.5 Undertake Design Reviews with client and Project Stakeholders

2.6 Obtain pre-application Planning Advice (The Studio can never proceed to pre-application or planning without instruction from the client.)


3.1 Develop Concept Design, available to be reviewed for outline proposals for structural design, building service systems, outline specifications and preliminary Cost Information along with relevant Project Strategies in accordance with Design Programme. Agree on alterations to brief and issue Final Project Brief.

3.2 Obtain follow-up: pre-application Planning Advice if required

3.3 Prepare and submit an application for planning permission.

3.4 Review outline construction cost information, programme, and Health and Safety strategy. – if instructed by the client.


4.1 Develop detail design from the approved scheme design.

4.2 Coordinate and integrate any work by consultants, specialists and suppliers.

4.3 Prepare production information sufficient for building regulation submission.

4.4 Prepare and submit applications for approvals under building acts and/or regulations and other statutory requirements.

4.5 Where applicable, prepare and give building notice under building acts and/or regulations.

4.6 Review construction cost information, programme, and Health and Safety strategy.

Other consultants, such as a structural engineer, will be required at this stage and we will coordinate or they may lead the submission to building control dependent on the scheme.


4.7 Develop and prepare Technical Design in accordance with Local Authority approvals to include all architectural, structural and building services information, specialist subcontractor design and specifications, in accordance with Design Programme.

4.8A Prepare schedules of works for tendering purposes, or,

4.8B Provide information for others to prepare schedules of rates and/or quantities and/or schedules of works for tendering purposes.

4.9 Provide information to others for the revision of cost estimates.

4.10 Review programme and Health and Safety strategy

4.11 Advise on and obtain the Client’s approval of a list tenderers for the building contract.

4.12 Invite tenders.

4.14 Appraise and report on tenders/negotiations.


5.1 Advise the Client on the appointment of a Contractor and the responsibilities of the parties and of the Architect under the building contract.

5.2 If required, prepare the building contract and arrange for it to be signed.

5.3 Administer the terms of the building contract, including visiting the site on a periodic basis, normally to enable valuations to be prepared.

5.4 Monitor the progress of the Works against the Contractor’s programme, review progress with the Contractor and report to the Client.

5.5A Prepare and certify valuations of work carried out or completed. Prepare financial reports for the Client, or

5.5B Certify valuations of work prepared by others. Present to Client financial reports prepared by others.

5.6 Where applicable, pass information to the Planning Supervisor for the Health and Safety File.


6.1 Handover of building and conclusion of Building Contract.

6.2 Certify where applicable Practical Completion of the works.

6.3 Provide drawings showing the building and main lines of drainage and give general advice on maintenance.

6.4 Administer the terms of the building contract and make final inspections. 6.5A Settle Final Account, or

6.5B Provide the information required by others for settling the Final Account.



The Studio can create an architectural feasibility study.  Which will investigate and evaluates the potential of a site or structure.  There will be an evaluation of constraints and opportunities which could be considered.














01_Feasibility_ Small [1-3 Units]




02_ Feasibility_Medium [4-10 Units]




03_ Feasibility_ Large [10-50 Units – Affordable]




04_Feasibility_ Masterplanning & 50+ Units


Architectural design report would be an extensive piece of research which would be created into an artefact that would be presented in the agreed media.  The research would be conducted in a series of various activities such as data collection, workshops, desktop, and design drawing and model making dependent on the top briefed.

Research can be on cultural, political, historic, climatic issues, construction methods, products and materials concerning the built environment.  To develop theories, concepts and ideas on the topic presented.

The scope of works would be clarified, within the brief with the client.


The Studio can create an addition or proposed concept design visuals for a design proposal for presentation, marketing and design analysis purposes.  3D architectural visualisation is the art of creating three-dimensional images or animations showing the attributes of a proposed architectural design, within the Studios aesthetic.


Architectural model is a physical representation of a design proposal the study would be to highlight aspects of an architectural design or to communicate design ideas.

Depending on the purpose, models can be made from a variety of materials and components and at a variety of scales.  The propose model will be dependent on the usage and brief developed with client.