Albany House , Hertfordshire (UK)

“Our concept encapsulates the core elements of traditional architecture, blending diverse elevations and thoughtfully curated materials to craft a seamlessly integrated and practical family abode.”


Albany House, the proposed development enjoys scenic views across a lush green field.  These views add to the appeal of the area, providing residents with a peaceful and natural backdrop amidst the nearby residential blocks.  The proposed development of a single family unit, overlooks a row of residential blocks, ensuring safety and security for residents.


The scheme demonstrates a keen awareness of site constraints, fostering a commitment to quality design. By harmonising carefully considered external elements with contemporary living spaces, the proposal not only addresses challenges but embraces them to create a distinctive architectural language. One standout feature is how we highlight the local brick style, adding something new and special to the community.

The proposed building is envisioned as a two-story dwelling, offering three bedrooms to accommodate a family’s needs. Beyond the residential unit, the comprehensive plan encompasses thoughtfully landscaped rear gardens, secure bike storage, a practical bin storage area, and a designed secure entrance.


  • Architectural Design Team: REMI.C.T Studio Location: Hertfordshire, (UK)