Bordesley Campus, Birmingham

‘‘Overall area of the site = 4.2 acres. There is a true opportunity to showcase regeneration and the positive impact of industrial practices within the urban environment.’’


The overarching site plan represents the consolidation of several plots amalgamated by the Frederick Cooper Organisation. Having occupied structures on Prince Albert Street, Frederick Cooper recently acquired the bus garage and office block to expand their on-site operations for work and training purposes; these acquisitions lie at the core of the project. With a vision to develop into a cohesive working campus, fostering an urban industrial environment that prioritises sustainability and well-being. Prior to Frederick Cooper’s acquisition, the bus garage and office block site had remained unoccupied by National Express for three years, resulting in increased incidents of antisocial behavior.


Outline Principles for the proposal

1: Work Campus – Establishing a versatile working environment conducive to various forms of work and different stages.

2: Sustainability – Integrating sustainability across all phases, encompassing reusability, methodologies, usage, and well-being for the proposal’s users.

3: Innovation – Strategising the development of an industrial city campus.