Atherton Place & House, London (UK)

“Embarking on a narrative that transcends conventional living standards, our commitment to the fusion of design and development unfolds in the creation of sixteen bespoke apartments, each a testament to quality housing for the vibrant community of London. The canvas for this architectural masterpiece emerged as a backland infill site, where meticulous planning and design orchestration gave rise to Atherton Place,  an innovative addition to the city’s urban fabric.”


In the realm of urban development, we, The Studio, embraced the challenge presented by a local property developer to breathe life into Atherton Place. Building upon the success of phase one at Atherton House, we ventured into the neighbouring site, Atherton Place. Here, the vision was not merely to construct a dwelling but to craft a symphony of interlocking towers, each a modern standalone feature. The original planning, a modest four units, transformed into a visionary ensemble of 8 units in Atherton House and an additional 8 units in Atherton Place, a testament to our strategic design approach.


A deep dive into the evolving landscape of Atherton Mews and its architectural surroundings guided our strategy. The interplay of the structure with the front boundary, a nod to traditional mews-style houses, not only breaks up the mass but also stands as an architectural ode to the evolving cityscape. Landscaping, meticulously designed, softens the facade, seamlessly integrating these structures into the existing environment. Each aspect of the development, from architectural language to landscaping, embodies a commitment to security, well-being, and a harmonious coexistence with its surroundings


  • Architectural Design Team: Remi C.T Studio
  • Structural Engineer: A.S Construction & Engineering Ltd
  • Daylight and Sunlight: Senior Right of Light Surveyor
  • Contractor: Parkview Developments
  • Location: Forest Gate, London (UK)