Princess Nourah Bint, University External Cycle Loop, Riyadh (Saudi)

“Conceived as dynamic beacons, the envisioned pit-stops redefine the campus experience, offering individual oases seamlessly integrated with infrastructure. Designed for rest, dining, and gathering, these destinations embody a powerful synthesis of functionality and aesthetic allure.”


The initial sketch concept for the Princess Nourah Bint University External Cycle Loop is to be an external corridor with open rooms, incorporating integrated architecture and landscape principles. The pit stops will enable campus users to access destination points, functioning as individual oases with the necessary infrastructure for work, rest, eating, and gathering. Within the development, we aim to connect each pit stop to various sections of the campus, allowing three distinct identities to serve as extensions of university usages. To establish the external rooms, a foundational infrastructure will include electric points for vertical bike storage and general charging points for laptops and devices, powered by concealed solar panels within elegant canopies. All elements, including sinks, furniture, and bins, will be seamlessly integrated into the external rooms.


The overarching design will centre around cooling the environment using the canopy and the drop-in flooring for the seating area. All furniture proposed will adhere to the principles of the pit stops, aiming for seamless integration with landscaping finishes. Our intention is for all elements to be curated together, providing a cohesive experience throughout the campus. The pit stops will serve as landmarks in theĀ  journey, with the landscape acting as a key highlight in the development to enhance the wellness experience.


  • Architectural Design Team: Remi C.T. Studio
  • Structural Engineer: AKT 2
  • Location: Riyadh (Saudi)