Taylor's Yard, London (UK)

Double height space, paired with the grandeur of the glazing, creates a modern interior that takes contemporary living to a marvellous height.


The design brief was to take an existing commercial warehouse structure and repurpose it into a prestige home for the clients.   There is an existing handsome structure and character to the building that needed to be exposed and accentuated, highlighting its industrial nature whilst balancing the curation of a modern elegant family dwelling. The site boundary holds the outline of the structure, to make it a residential building the proposal was calling for amenity to be injected to make it a suitable family home.

Using the fabric of an existing warehouse luxury grand spaces are formed, which is celebrated by zonal spacing and design. With the collaboration of an interior designer and high-quality finishes, Taylor's Yard creates various special moments that celebrate the structure.


The approach was to understand what the key features of the structure were and how we overlay the client’s lifestyle requirements.  The design uses the existing moments, such as the double heighted first floor and truss structure, to create spaces for entertaining and living.  Double height space, paired with the grandeur of the glazing, creates a modern interior that takes contemporary living to a marvellous height.  Due to the nature of the site the solution to inserting external spaces was to create a dynamic roof garden for wellbeing and the curation of views. It allows an oasis setting within an intense urban environment.  In each room, from the lobby to the bedrooms and living areas, placement of storage has been a collaboration with the interior team to maximise how the human rituals will work throughout the home.  Within the main first floor living space there was sensitivity required to break down the layout with regards to the zoning, which was achieved by setting the counter levels so that the eye could cross the entirety of the room.


Within the dwelling there are areas of additional utility and office space which allow for working from home and an adaptable way of living.  Light is an important factor in the design; with large openings as key features maximising natural light which floods into the home and creates more cross ventilation as well as making use of the high ceiling which creates an airy sense of freedom.   The arrangement of spaces have been highly considered to maximise lifestyle and synergy with the rituals of the  family, to work, to live and to host.  There are a series of standout features such as the circular band staircase, which are all tied together by the material pallet featured throughout the home.


  • Architectural Design Team: Remi C.T Studio
  • Structural Engineer: Anderson Consulting Engineers
  • Environmental Engineer:
  • Signage & Typography:
  • Landscaping:
  • Contractor:
  • Building Control:
  • Location: Clapham Park, London UK
  • Joinery:
  • Photography: Bettina Adela Photography