Orile House, Lagos (Nigeria)

Embarking on an extraordinary transformative journey, where the melodious refrain becomes, ‘My blockwork hails from the vibrant tapestry of West Africa,’ resonating with the same pride as declaring, ‘My marble is sourced from the storied quarries of Venice.’ It is within the artistry of construction technology that the narrative of inherent value takes its captivating form


Immerse yourself in the renaissance unfolding in Orile, Nigeria, within a compound destined for renewal. The Studio takes charge, orchestrating the inaugural phase, extending the current structure skyward to unveil an additional floor crowned with a pinnacle achievement a private rooftop garden.

The refurbishment of this existing structure was done to create an insurgence to make the external spaces within the structure feel integral to the overall mass of the scheme. These external features were to be integral to the expressed architecture.


This avant-garde mixed development introduces four luxurious upper-floor apartments seamlessly complemented by ground-level domains, housing offices, parking facilities, and dedicated service areas. The envelope design unfolds as a meticulous ode to embracing and unravelling the intricate tapestry of existing technologies.

In the pursuit of sustainability, the Studio intertwines blockwork, render, and timber with an emphasis on water storage and the seamless integration of solar panels, shaping a harmonious and eco-conscious haven that speaks to the essence of responsible living.


  • Architectural Design Team: Remi C.T Studio
  • Structural Engineer: DNARDA AF
  • Location: Orile, Lagos (Nigeria)