Tardis , London (UK)

“Tardis Exterior unveiling a curated collection of installation moments within the home.”


Step into the reimagined world of the Ripon Road property, a dwelling designed to evoke a Tardis-like effect, seamlessly blending into the tranquil front facade without disrupting the harmonious rhythm of the existing pattern. The refurbishment unfolds within the internal envelope of the property, a celebration of its unique constraints and a performance within its walls. Crafting layouts tailored to the client’s work/life rituals, our design embodies a wabi-sabi ethos with a nod to the luxury of imperfection that manifests in the material palette. The scope of our work spans internal and external realms, including a ground floor site extension and a thoughtful evolution of the front and rear landscaping.


Our approach to this property is an ode to its character, massing form, and inherent gems. From the distinctive roof pitch to the cleverly placed skylights, our design elevates these features, exposing the form and creating grandeur on the top floor. This celebration extends to the ground floor extension, where the skylight formation in the new addition becomes a node of continuity.

A second key aspect of our approach is transforming the house into a series of curated installations with each element contributing to a peaceful environment. Whether it’s turning the staircase yellow or directing key views within the home layout, these installations breathe life into the dwelling. The devil is in the detail, where each curated piece comes alive.


The refurbishment unfolds into a generous 2-bedroom property with a study/guest room. The ground floor extension, carefully proposed, expands the kitchen living area seamlessly. Retrofit details, a collaboration with the client, align precisely with the nature of their work ensuring the infrastructure meets the demands of multiple environments within the home. Our goal is to integrate furniture and appliances seamlessly, maintaining a polished and packed-away finish throughout.


  • Architectural Design Team: Remi C.T. Studio
  • Structural Engineer: DNARDA AF
  • Contractor: JMB
  • Building Control: London Building Control
  • Location: Woolwich, London (UK)