The Albion , London (UK)

“Breathing new life into the historic Albion habitat, we celebrate its character through renovation and the creation of welcoming home.”


The Albion has stood abandoned for the last decade, serving previously as both a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) and a pub. Now, there’s a chance to breathe new life into the structure and reintegrate it into the community for habitation. The existing detached structure spans across basement, ground, and first floor levels, with rear amenity areas. Over time, various additions have been made to the structure, and our goal is to consolidate these to streamline its mass.


The proposal aims to honor and celebrate the natural grandeur and character of The Albion, preparing it for re-inhabitation with expansive living areas. Our initial strategy involves comprehensively understanding the evolution of the structure over time, as well as anticipating the future rituals of the occupants and how they intend to operate within the space.


  • Architectural Design Team: REMI.C.T Studio
  • Planning Consultant: AZ Urban Studio Location: Hackney, London (UK)