Chingford Mount, London (UK)

“The strategy was about creating a series of frames to celebrate the sloping views.”


The proposal looks to replace the mass of an existing unused garage from the road view of Mount Echo Drive.  Due to the site stepping down a key opportunity is to maximise the view towards the reservoir to create a modern family home, with the appreciation of the surrounding landscape.  Even though the site is a backland plot it is important that landscaping and the visual amenity has a strong presence with the strategy.


The proposed site’s make-up is a steep slope/ step down from the road. The Studio goal was for the structure  to make the most of this natural opportunity,  we  played with the positioning to aid the  perception from the surrounding dwellings and street that it was a replacement of existing mass and integrated into the landscape.  This meant that the bulk of the house is on the lower level from Mount Echo Drive.  This ensures that the landscape view can be maximised on the first floor level; there has been the opportunity for sections of the  roofscape to have green trays and planting in the front garden with the addition of the bedroom having the key view of the reservoir. The lower floor curves round a family garden, allowing living space and secondary bedrooms face the garden. The concept of this stems from the studio’s aim to ensure a modern family can enjoy. Spacious layout and contemporary lifestyle, whilst also creating an engaging environment.

Roof and Facade Tiling Detail - First Floor


The design takes inspiration from the clay titles sloped roofscapes of neighbouring dwellings and incorporates it across the main mass of the home, creating a contextual and exciting response to streetscape.

A portal interrupts the monotony of the garden fences that extend the full width of this street edge and provides access to the proposed new dwelling. The portal also acts as a framed view of the stepped landscaping and the reservoirs beyond which are currently concealed by the site, in order to share the view with passersby.


  • Architectural Design Team: Remi C.T. Studio
  • Structural Engineer: Simple Works & DNARDA AF
  • Signage & Typography: TBC
  • Landscaping: Anna French Associates Ltd Contractor: Avoterg Ltd
  • Building Control: London Building Control
  • Location: Chingford, London (UK)